Our moon is singular in its capacity to inspire and bemuse us — as an astrophysical body and a potent symbol.

MOONFEST promotes the celebration and study of:

  • The moon as articulated in world culture, history, religion and science
  • The moon as a reference point in the creative process
  • The first lunar landing and walk on the moon's surface: July 20, 1969

This site celebrates the anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission and the first lunar landing. We offer suggestions for how your school, theater group, choir, band, dance troupe, orchestra or observatory can participate. We also provide factoids about the moon in art, science, religion, myth and lore — to stimulate your curiosity and creativity and inspire you to plan a "MOONFESTivity" of your own.

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Sarah Reed, of the Musical Reeds.
Cover illustration from
The American Musician and
Art Journal
, November 13, 1906.
Source: Library of Congress